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The request


We are hereby sending you an overview of what we require and are open to any suggestions you have as to how you would like to approach this, no doubt having more experience in financial matters than we do.

• We would of course hope for complete or partial coverage by way of a sponsorship.

• In case of a loan or investment, we’d hope to secure a flexible period for us to get the company and cash flow going before

even discussing repayment and/or return on investment terms against reasonable terms.

• Although we cannot imagine that you would desire part ownership of the company; this would have to be thoroughly

discussed. While on the one hand KyG for 15 years has been used to total autonomy, we recognize that we may require

assistance to make the business work and understand that his may come at a price.

Alternative appreciated assistance

aside from any you may think of:

• Advice tailored to our situation.

• (Targeted) Donation or part-loan or investment, sized to your discretion.

• Reference to someone else you deem better positioned to help us in any way.

• Invitation to approach you when we’ve somehow survived the current situation and crunched the numbers.

• Invitation to approach you for a contribution to one of our larger projects in the future, even if only with some promotion by

dissemination among your network as per your discretion.

Dream scenario

Invitation to (co-organize) a CD launch / artist introduction Salon Concert in your country.

Exit strategy

• We are hoping for generosity and flexibility. In the event of a complete fail and any loan or investment that we would have to

make good on, K would return to a paying job in the understanding of a reasonable pay-back arrangement, until the debt is

settled. KyG pays. In this way we’ve settled several small, personal loans in the past.

• As referenced under ‘Challenges’, we are looking to cover the event of one or both of us passing through a life insurance or

any other suggestion you may have.


• G will continue to give piano classes.

• K will at least temporarily halt the pursuit of freelance activities in favor of project development and other business plan

related follow up.


• Some urgency. While we realize that our requirements are not yours, if you are at all considering helping us, we are hoping

for a rapid response and assistance as soon as possible, even if for part of the amount.

• While we’ve only mentioned a Phase I and Phase II, we foresee a Phase III in which to execute the long-term products. What

we are not certain of is if successful handling of Phase II will enable us to do this under own steam or if additional outside

investment will be required and warranted.

Phase I

Developmental phase

Phase II

Main execution & investment phase

Very rough estimates where possible. Including, but not limited to. Pending Phase 1 research.

Non scope considerations

G. Corrales Romero

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