Where the  s u n  r i s e s

to uplift, inspire and inform through 

the art of word, music and imagery

The plan

Phase I

Developmental phase

Time projection: 1-2 months

► Produce financial fact sheet & forecast for Phase II as soon as possible.

Keeping in mind PR considerations

- Ongoing: fan base connection & mailing list expansion through newsletter, social media and the development of other

creative active list-building ideas; 

- Establish sales avenues other than concert related and ad-hoc;

- Larger PR budget towards image building and promotion of webshop, products and events;

- Active pursuit of a relationship with the Dutch (and international) press;

- Targeting customer and audience segments

• Loyal local

• Loyal abroad

• New sympathetic

• New challenging

- Facilitate physical sales only locally for now (potentially pursue internationally later);

- Facilitate digital sales globally.

► MP3 and (E)-book (sales) research (and comparison) including copyright and ISBN considerations.

► Complete provider research and comparison ► initiation of webshop in relation to existing products, including

• legally compliant General Terms & Conditions;

• locally and/or internationally recognized seal of approval;

• business account;

• global payment options;

• local secure packaging and shipment;

• balancing teasers and giveaways with sales products.

Status: research at approximately 60%.

► Production related provider research & comparison > try-out short-term products.

Status: 1 provider by successful try-out.

► Complete distribution channel research ► formulate and follow-up on sales strategy.

Status: research at approximately 50%.

► PR consultation provider research & comparison ► engage PR consultant for one general consultation.

Status: 1 provider by reference.

► Research and brainstorm ► formulate a PR (marketing) strategy including

• General, webshop-related; involving aggressive online PR pursuit through back linking.

• Event related free PR pursuit involving

- multiple acquaintance and affiliate network employment;

- potential newspaper and magazine articles.

• Ongoing outlet research of TV and radio prospects.

Status: list of potential affiliate networks.

► Research, brainstorm and initiation of 1st new concert project / series.

► Research other potential financial requirements (legal, insurance etc.)

Phase II

Main execution & Investment phase

Time projection: 6-8 months

► Execute 1st new concert project / series.

► Execute PR strategy.

► Development short-term products ► addition to webshop.

► Reproduction of existing product CD Palimpsesto and potentially CD Fresco (at a later stage).

Concert (abroad) pursuit

► Invitation-soliciting program proposals; in principle to new geographical areas (that we haven’t covered yet), such as Germany, the Middle East and some parts of Asia.

Creative low-budget initiative. We initiated this project in 2012, resulting in the London concert, with steps taken towards a US concert. The idea is to collaborate with a local partner; finding a decent, low-budget, venue and keep costs low by – among potentially other things – foregoing a fee. Interest for this format is in

• Aruba; where there is a loyal audience aware of the existence of the 2nd CD, who have been waiting to

purchase it since 2011 and we have collaborated with the Aruban Art Circle before.

• USA; where we have family, friends and acquaintances in several parts of the country and have already

identified the potential partner.

• Latin America; where we believe we should be able to find many institutions interested in the ‘To hear a

painting, to see the music’ formula, particularly if offered with a low threshold.

► Research, brainstorm > try-out long-term products (multiple use artwork).

Where no status note: need to practically start from scratch.