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Current situation

G: piano practice, piano classes in student homes, production, KyG meetings;

K: freelance activities, production, piano practice, KyG operations including meetings and the organization of an occasional student concert. The next one is highly due and in principle scheduled at the end of 2014.


Since we are (as yet) unable to provide any of the hard business data that you would normally expect, we thought you might appreciate an elaboration on the motivation behind our request.

With reference to the cover letter. Main relevant financial factors (we said we’d be up front):

To date, our personal finances have been intertwined with our business finances. Obtaining a business account will be part of the webshop initiation plan.

G’s income drops in July, August and December from approximately €2500 to €500-1000, when people go on vacation. Approximate monthly expenses €2300. Strictly speaking, if he’d adopted the Dutch way of doing things, he’d have people pay in these months as well. We prefer allowing students this flexibility and were – yes – afraid that people would be less quick to sign up without it.

K’s income dropped significantly from approximately net €1900 to €0-200, given the decision to give up a paying job in favor of combining freelance activities with running the company, since there was time nor energy to adequately prepare taking up freelance activities beforehand (having been running the company next to the job for a while).

KyG’s financial reserves – very modest at the moment K gave up work in employment because of ongoing project investment – have now been depleted.

All of our projects since 2001 have been completely self-financed. Without exception, these were great learning curves, but without funds to do some real PR did not generate profits.

We have one large debt (just under €17.000), representing requirements dating back to 1992, which we are currently paying back at €186/month (at a very high interest rate due to bankruptcy of bank).

We have been financially helping G’s mother and grandmother since 1999 with approximately €150-200 / month (in Guantánamo, since 2013 in Tampa).

K has a dentist trauma and in 2006 elected to have dentist treatment under anesthesia for nearly €3000. And hasn’t been to the dentist since then. Neither has G, for that matter, since he could attend one for free in Guantánamo 2010.

We are not careless or irresponsible with money. We don’t drink or smoke. We haven’t gone on vacation in we don’t remember when. K hasn’t been back to Aruba since 2001. We hardly go out (our only indulgence is our movie membership at €38 / month). 2010 was the last time G saw his family.

Our rent – inherited from the time we had two incomes – is a bit high for our current situation (approx. €700). In return, we live in an upholstered apartment. To date we’ve viewed moving to a ‘fixer upper’ lower rent class apartment both as a step back as impractical because we are many things but not handymen.

State of business

Excerpt 2013 annual report, multiannual graphs.

Source: ADYVO Administrative Office. Administrator: Kees Roest http://www.adyvo.nl/

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