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Most ambitious ideas

A sneak peek into our over 30 ‘grand ideas’, so you know how high we are aiming.

Musicians' Sanctuary

14 August 2014

In relation to remarking how many of our befriended musicians are alone. The idea is to offer them a place where they can live out their days amongst peers as of a (to be determined) certain age.

Bustos y Monumentos

15 September 2013

Just like many people and we ourselves own miniature, medium size and large busts of the great (classical) European composers (in our case to date Bach, Beethoven and Mozart), it is fitting that these be produced for the great (classical) Latin American composers as well.

In the same token, just like miniatures exist of great, famous monuments, such as the Eiffel tower, the Colloseum and the Sphinx, KyG finds that at the very least a collection could be done of important historical monuments in Cuban cities.

When we have achieved the above for those composers and cities that interest us, this project could be further internationalized, going from country to country, until the plain is more level and the current prevalence of the now exclusively famous composers and monuments will be balanced by at least the availability of information on other composers and monuments.

The Round Table

28 December 2012

Being too full to have dessert after a modest starter and heavy entrée at La Passione (G Birthday). Told G we really needed to be able to go for a walk to digest the first two meals a bit, then to return for the dessert that we really wanted to have. What if there were a restaurant where this was possible?

The Walking Concert

8 January 2011

Bringing the ‘To hear a painting, to see the music’ commen-tated concert to the museum. G’s knowledge about Cuban art led to the creation of this program for the Groninger Museum in 2009 in which he takes the audience on a journey in Cuban music for piano solo, drawing parallels with Cuban art during the same time periods.

  • The Walking Concert would take the art involved on a tour of (Latin American) museums in which;
  • A concert would be given touring the museum, with several pianos set up in each space, tailored to that space.

Kudos TV

9 October 2003

KyG finds the current TV programming negative, one sided, too geared towards money and morally lacking. A TV channel is warranted that provides alternative, truly global and wholesome programming. From a multicultural viewpoint; it would have broad attention for

  • The arts in all its forms, including movies from all parts of the globe
  • Alternative healing & wellbeing promoting practices;
  • And would celebrate the common man;


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