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Main product: a concert pianist

What makes Gustavo Corrales Romero

a ‘must-see, not-just-another pianist’:


Gustavo Corrales Romero has received seventeen years (age 7-24) worth of ‘Russian school’, intense education exclusively geared towards the creation of an expert concert pianist.


This is a vocation, not a job or elevated hobby. Besides his professional training, it is plain for everyone who hears this driven pianist perform that this is what he was born to do.


Performances are never the same. Gustavo Corrales Romero is by no means a one trip pony. Repertoire is continuously being expanded; programs continually renewed.


While all of the above may also be said of many a professional pianist, there will be few if any who – while in command of a broad European classical and contemporary repertoire – specialize in classical and contemporary Latin American music, drawing from an abundance of supply unsuspected by most.


Furthermore, Gustavo Corrales Romero possesses the finesse to strike the right balance between his academic training and the spirit of the music best suiting every piece, relevant because of the inspiration by Latin American rhythms, folklore and popular music.


As a matter of added interest, Gustavo Corrales Romero enjoys a special link with several contemporary composers, especially the Cuban composers; two of which have been both his teachers, colleagues and friends (Fariñas and Gramatges) with whom he has closely collaborated. In addition, G performs works by Caribbean composers with which he is personally acquainted, including wife and partner KDRdeCorrales.


The fact that Gustavo Corrales Romero is also well-informed about especially Cuban art makes him especially equipped to be a frontrunner to introduce audiences to the ‘other side’ of Latin American culture (classical and contemporary music and art), where most are merely familiar with its popular music – such as salsa and merengue – and potentially Latin jazz.


Gustavo Corrales Romero has the perfect support system in the KyG partnership, which allows him the freedom to explore several concert formulas perhaps better tailored than the conventional recital, to the mission of spreading awareness about Latin American classical and contemporary music.


Finally, if you believe in the fates, you might agree with us that a close partnership, precisely with a person who is capable of writing a document such as this and of carrying the company, is not a coincidence and merits support.

Rehearsing with Harold Gramatges

International Festival for Contemporary Music

Bogotá, Colombia 1997

With Daniel Barenboim after G's performance

at the concert in honor of Mr. Barenboim

ISA auditorium, Havana, Cuba 1998