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‘Business Plan’

August 2014

Uncensored version.

Updates to be provided as we go along.


The objective of this document is to hopefully obtain some financial assistance towards the development of the company KyG Productions, in two phases.

This is not a regular business plan. Sales & Marketing still largely have to be formulated and while we will certainly try to provide you with a financial forecast in the course of Phase I, we foresee that it will be relatively unconventional as well. If you keep reading anyway, we thank you for your leniency and naturally welcome your expert advice as to how we may improve our approach.

We’ve tried getting noticed by sending program proposals to concert halls and so far have run into industry restrictions (sporadically 2004-2009, intensely 2010-2011).

We’ve begun organizing our events and producing our products ourselves and ran into PR restricting budget constraints (2011-2012).

If this doesn’t work, we will try getting a business loan next, however are uncertain of our chances in view of a household debt.

We’ve adopted a calculated, try-it-all approach, going out on a limb, because we believe that KyG has huge potential.

We have four existing products of which three have immediate revenue potential given the right approach: Concert pianist Gustavo Corrales Romero (in combination with KyG’s concert formulas) and his 1st and 2nd CDs.

Other products listed under Short-term and Long-term are in various state of development.

Given a three-segment audience – loyal local, loyal abroad and new (local and abroad) – representing existing and potential demand, KyG intends to set up a proper webshop for

- primarily local physical product sales and

- international digital product sales (MP3s, E-books)

with an expanding catalogue.

While finances have been depleted, more time and finances are needed

- for further research and development;

- to adequately set up the webshop and a sales infrastructure;

- to determine and begin executing the best approach in relation to our

main product (pianist and concert formulas);

- and to create and begin executing a marketing strategy.

Karen D. Russel de Corrales, Partner

Gustavo Corrales Romero, Partner

V.O.F. KyG Productions

Heelsumstraat 55 | 2573 NG | The Hague | The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce number 53344022

BTW (VAT) number NL850845622BO1

+31 6 52 121 770 | +31 70 363 4102

[email protected]

www.kygproductions.com under construction