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to uplift, inspire and inform through 

the art of word, music and imagery

Keys to success

What we know

G sells.

With his repertoire. People thank us for acquainting them to new music. The atmosphere we create with both the Salon Concert format and the Classical-Jazz combo format is highly appreciated.

As a pianist. People return to listen to him, even from other parts of the country.

As a person. G has a very high likeability factor which we believe is the main reason for students sticking with him, for repeat attendance to his concerts and also impacts book and CD sales.

KyG is distinguishable.

With its special focus on Latin American music, classical and contemporary.

With its artists

- The pianist who uniquely combines knowledge about classical and contemporary Latin American music and Latin American

art and is also a writer and visual artist.

- The writer who is also a composer and self-executing pianist with an intriguing, respectable repertoire, also a singer and

visual artist, with access to five languages.

With its attention to presentation and detail. We are very eager to offer the best possible entertainment experience, breathing class and excellence, and products that are noticeable.

KyG is durable.

The shop on the corner of the street has seen the passing of at least 4 different businesses (that opened and had to leave) in the five years that we have lived here. KyG in 2014 celebrates its informal 15th year anniversary and its official 3rd year anniversary.

KyG is effective given its relative success for a two-man company:

In its dynamic: KyG’s collaboration represents solid and (overall) harmonious exchange, with K guaranteeing the integrity of business and G the quality of the artistic content.

In its organization, from conception to completion.

In its modest PR, through an aggressive, personal approach.

- We experienced this in Aruba, where our concerts were notably better attended than other classical concerts we attended.

- When we attended a concert by well-known Cuban jazz pianist (and friend) Ramón Valle, organized and promoted by Theater

de Regentes in The Hague, we were frankly astounded to note that there was less of an audience than we’d attracted both for

our 2011 CD launch concert and our 2012 classical-jazz combo concert, and part of the audience was there by our


What we believe

G’s books sell. What we’ve been able to get out there has been favorably received.

K sells. We have not been able to establish this on a broad basis yet but both her writings and the music demo have been well received by the small circle that has been privy to them.

Our alternative concert formulas have great potential. Audiences have reacted very favorably. In addition, the combined 2000-2012 productions represent a massive learning curve, the lessons of which we are eager to apply to greater future benefit.