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Intro products

Wide focus.

Focusing on one product, while a logical strategy in most other businesses, is not so simple in ours because


Our success depends on public liking and it is not certain which product will take off first. We are sometimes surprised by reactions to product:

• In 2001 K was interviewed for Aruban TV merely on the basis of the host reviewing her first English poetry collection draft.

• Recently another TV host with an online following of some thousand discovered a poem in Papiamento on K’s website,

which she (after requesting permission), spontaneously featured on her own home page with a picture and a favorable



While artists with an already established name may simply push out the next product which will probably find a market among their existing fan base through established sales avenues, this only applies to KyG up to a certain degree. Our (potential) three-segment audience; loyal local, loyal abroad and new (local and abroad) represents a challenge, which warrants having a wide and expanding catalogue.

Out of the box.

KyG believes in this concept to feed into

1. The uniqueness of product;

2. The notion that there is a group of people who welcome unconventional events, for example ‘are fed up with traditional

theatre performances’ (Felix Mortimer, Director, seen on the BBC about the Balfron Tower Macbeth production).

The Salon concert

Concert formulas

Gustavo Corrales Romero is our main product, rendering the concert formulas KyG has developed to date significant. KyG will carefully evaluate concert formula considerations to decide which concert to reinitiate our event sequence with, after the mid-2012 to date development period. A challenge hereby is balancing the promotional value of a concert with potential profits.

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