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Secure financing in two phases:

Phase I. Developmental phase (1-2 months)

• At short notice, to hold us over while we complete research (webshop, financial, production and PR related) and initiate

development for objectives 1-4.

• During this phase we intend to provide as soon as possible

A) The completed, backed-up financing requirements for Phase II (rough, partly filled in under 'The request'

B) A financial forecast outlining a potential coverage scenario of the total amount, in the expectation of demonstrating viability.

Phase II. Main execution & Investment phase (6-8 months)

Upon completion of the expense research part of the developmental phase, to execute objectives 1-4.


Start up a low threshold webshop to sell mainly

• E-books and mp3s (Internationally)

• CDs and (print-on-demand) books and E-tickets to events (Locally - The Netherlands)

teasing into (E-)book purchases by providing first paragraphs/chapters ending on a cliffhanger.

• Besides potentially pursuing iTunes and Amazon.

Primary focus products

2011 CD Fresco – Latin American

2001 CD Palimpsesto – Cuban

Secondary focus products

2007 Book ‘Los Herederos’

2013 Completed manuscript ‘La Ciudad de Los Portales’

ExistingShort-term product


Development of G’s collage project Cubanas (variations on the Cuban flag). With 8 pieces completed, it has great potential for a wide number of uses inclu-ding (produce-on-demand) sales of mountable prints (on paper and potentially plexiglass, canvas and other under-ground), T-shirts, postcards and greeting cards.


Development of G's piano trio project Arioso. Twelve contemporary arrangements completed by G in 2013, based on Cuban Golden oldies. Great potential for a tour and accompanying CD. A try with musicians is currently being initiated.


Initiate a new concert series beginning with a promotional concert with as much free and paid PR as we can generate.

Concert formulas


Continue to expand our mailing list and fan base through our newsletter, being active on social media and continuing to develop creative ideas to attract more people.


Continue to expand our knowledge through online and offline study, research and courses.


Continued, carefully considered pursuit of concerts (abroad):

• Through invitation-soliciting program proposals and creative low-budget initiative;

• For the same reasons as before (maximum exposure and resume expansion, actualization and internationalization).


Catalogue expansion, to include

• K’s CDs (mp3s) and (E-)books currently under development;

• KyG score sheet music;

• Greeting cards, posters, T-shirts and whatever else is considered viable, featuring KyG photographs, adaptations, designs,

text and art.

Long-term product


Consider expanding CD and book sales to more countries, potentially through Amazon, based on careful cost and market research considerations.


Outsourcing and delegation of tasks in relevance with company development.

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