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Sales avenues

To date sales have been restricted to concert-related, piecemeal off website and ad-hoc sales. Through 2013 there has been limited time, no investment capacity and a slight hesitation / lack of focus in this regard, uncertain as we were as to how we wanted to approach this:

- Have one or both CDs reproduced by a record company?

- Try to develop PR and sales avenues ourselves? How and where to begin?

PR to date, in three ways:



A restricted budget has been employed to date in favor of being able to organize more concerts, aiming for exposure and resume expansion.


Hesitation to approach the press.

- Due to uninformedness on how to handle in The Netherlands (on Aruba were comfortable sending out press releases) and

lack of time to resolve;

- In combination with wariness of potential unfavorable reviews by happening on a pedantic critic; we chose not to take this risk

while we were getting our feet wet in Europe.


Targeting the right audience.

We know from the diverse composition and favorable audience reaction that there is a wide audience appeal. However we are aware of the presence in some geographical areas of a well-off, rather snooty audience segment that – we have been told – is hesitant to embrace anything that is not traditionally classical European (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart etc.). The right lingo / approach will have to be found

- To draw in the aforementioned ‘right’ crowd;

- While attempting to lure the latter, more ‘challenging’ crowd.

Existing and new audience

KyG has a loyal but small fan base, however spread out roughly over Europe, the USA and the Caribbean. We have been ineffective in reaching our entire fan base, where much interest has been expressed in obtaining certain product. This presents a three-way challenge in how we approach our product catalogue (besides future sales avenues):


Our most easily reachable audience (in The Netherlands) has largely been serviced with existing product and past concerts; would come to the next concert and purchase the next product if these were on offer.


Our audience abroad we’ve only partly been able to service; a lot of potential still exists here for existing product, as well as any new product or future concert.


We believe there is a lot of potential for all existing product in relation to new audience, locally and abroad, for which an effective PR strategy needs to be developed.


KyG, any potential investors/business relations and other types of stakeholders need to be protected, potentially in three ways. We would appreciate your views in this regard and will ourselves carefully assess risk vs justifiable cost.


Name protection. We researched our company name upon officializing the company and are relatively confident, but a better exercise needs to be done to ensure that we are (still) the only KyG Productions and – once this has been established – to secure the name. A comparison has been conducted and we have a potential provider lined up.


Business liability insurance. Has not been so relevant to date, but will become so while the business expands.


Disability insurance for G, representing our core business and our current main provider through the piano classes.


Life insurance. While on the one hand our two-man operation makes us effective, on the other our resulting relative vulnerability needs to be safeguarded.


(Non-scope) In addition, we will at some point have to look at our (non) pension situation. K’s career has been divided over several companies; a couple of pension-rights were sold along the way and what is left is negligible. G has never had one.


Most G-related projects are ready to go. K’s still require a lot of development time. While the initial focus will obviously be on G-projects, creating productive development time seems viable because of what K’s been able to produce over the years next to demanding, full-time jobs.