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the art of word, music and imagery

About us

The KyG Partnership

First KyG meeting 1999

The V.O.F. (General Partnership) KyG Productions exists unofficially since the end of 1999, officially since 16 August 2011 (Chamber-of-Commerce-registered). With reference to the cover letter, it exists of two partners (Karen D. Russel de Corrales and Gustavo Corrales Romero) who are also married, and currently has no employees. Company address and work place are in The Hague, The Netherlands; however this location is not used as a store or formal office (since the rental contract does not allow this).

Our core business to date has involved inviting and organizing in principle solo concerts by concert pianist Gustavo Corrales Romero. The focus has hereby shifted from organization (2000-2003) to sending program proposals (2002-2010), back to organization (2011-to date), trying out several concert formulas.

In relation to own concert organization KyG’s interest has been in employing budget towards qualitative quantity, purposely / out of necessity restricting the PR budget, relying greatly on own PR through mailings and word of mouth, for two reasons:

1. Exposure to as many people as possible, also in the hopes of coming across a key person who could potentially propel G’s

career forward.

2. Resume expansion and actualization, bearing in mind the promotional packages sent out, which referenced the website.

As of 2001 KyG began producing CDs and books under own management, rather than investing time in finding a record company or publisher, to get the products out there. Sales to date have been mainly concert-related.


Develop and promote projects and products related to KyG's individual

and combined creative multi-talent in music, writing and imagery;

tailored to an international audience from all walks of life;

including but not limited to

the cultural intention to spread the awareness about Latin American

classical and contemporary music as far and wide as possible;

with an additional moral intent of inspiring people

to pursue personal growth, spirituality and the arts in some form.

KyG pursues Excellence, Elegance, Depth, Integrity, Respect and Charity.

KyG history

KyG began when after an enjoyable dinner at the end of 1999 – standing on the parking lot of the Hyatt Regency Aruba – Gustavo remarked to Karen “You know, I’d like to find a way to perform more”. Aruba was really too small for a pianist of Gustavo’s caliber, but it is where he had gotten the chance to escape to from Cuba, when he was invited to give a rare classical concert.

With the help of Karen’s connections and some sponsors, the first production – under the unofficial name ‘Corrales Concerts’ – was a charity concert. It took place in the luxurious then Seaport Conference Center/now Renaissance Convention Center (where Karen was the then Catering Sales Coordinator). Beneficiary was Cas pa Hubentud, a home for disadvantaged teens.

KyG has been self-financing and realizing its productions since the second half of 2001 thanks to a double salary (giving piano classes vs management assisting) and some very hard work. Since 2000, (with some immigration- and work-related gaps) KyG has generated eleven concerts, four CD and book productions, ten video clips and two websites. Of the concerts, four were student concerts and two in collaboration with other musicians. Three were organized on Aruba, seven in The Netherlands and one in London.

Holding a long-term, full-time triple role is untenable, so Karen had to step out of employment to focus on company and artistic career. Since mid-2012 we’ve therefore been searching for alternative money generating avenues. Also, we’ve been gathering information to get into a more commercial (not just strictly creative) mindset, since we’re good at creating but can stand some help on selling ourselves. This path has led to the revamping of Gustavo’s website, the creation of a regular newsletter, the launch of Karen’s website and this business plan.